Tremendous Tractors DVD


Oh no! Rusty the tractor has broken down. While we wait for Mickey the mechanic to fix him, Foggy shows us all the jobs that the other tractors are doing on the farm. From ploughing to potato planting, this DVD is a must for all the little tractor fans out there!

Price: £9.49 (free postage)

Fantastic Farm Machines DVD


Ralph the pig has asked Foggy, what is his favourite farm machine? As he tries to make up his mind, follow Foggy and learn all about his fantastic machines. There are just too many to choose from!

Price: £9.49 (free postage)

Horse & Pony DVD


Join Foggy as he shows us around a stable. See how Nicky and Ella are kept busy looking after their beautiful ponies, and watch Matt change Benson’s shoes!
As we gallop through the beautiful countryside on these magnificent animals, let’s hope Foggy can hold on!

Price: £9.49 (free postage)